• Joni

Day 2: Your Last Today

Today is your GROUNDHOG DAY!

GOD is standing before you.

HE looks right into your eyes.

HE tells you that you get

to live this ONE DAY

over and over again

until you get it perfect.

Just like in the movie "GROUNDHOG DAY".

As the main character was stuck on GROUNDHOG DAY

until he got it right.

But he would take some major risks,

like standing in front of a truck,

because he knew he would not die

because he would wake up on the next day,

yet it would be the same day.

Well, today is your ONE DAY.

How will you live it?

What if you TRUSTED like you have never TRUSTED before

to a point where you OBEYED like you have never OBEYED before.

When GO