We all have

A Real Life ~ Once Upon A Time

A Real Story ~ The Chapter you have lived and the one you are living today

A Real God ~ Who has given us the perfect ending to every story 

. . .And She Lived Happily Ever After in Him. 

So how does one daily walk out the amazing truths that 

She is





Living the Abundant Life that Jesus has come to bring

No matter when she feels rejected

No matter when she feels insignificant

No matter when she feels insecure? 


Presses Forward in the Middle of Waiting for her 

Happily Ever After Ending


Fixing her eyes on 



will fill her with 

His Peace

His Hope

His Love

so that she 

Lives in the 

Abundance of Who He Says She is~

All His

Today, Tomorrow & Forever. 

How do we 

Be Waitless & Live in the Moment~

 "We do this by keeping our eyes on


the champion who initiates and perfects our faith."

Hebrews 12:2

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