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Calling All Women

from 15-110 years old~

Do You Want More? 

Copy of Copy of FINALINVITEFrom Rags to

What is Your Story?

We all have a Real Life~ that begins with Once Upon A Time . . . 

We all have a Real Story~ the chapters that you have lived and are living

We all have a Real God~ Who has given us the perfect ending to our story~

. . . And She Lived Happily Ever After.


How does a woman live beyond her

Dot, Dot, Dots of life that follow after her fairy tale beginning? 

Let's Get Real and Live Beyond Status Quo

as we trade in our 

Rags for Riches & Live the Abundant Life

in the Here & Now~

Living with More than you could ever imagine.

Come Join Us & Experience

Real Life & Real Stories

About a

A Real Life God



From Riches to Rags

so He could take

every woman


every age

From Rags~ 

Who you think you are

To Riches~

Who you were made to be


You Were Made for More!

Interested in hosting or sharing your story

at  a 


Women's Conference 

Contact Us Below




Thanks! Message sent.

"Daughter your faith has healed you.Walk in peace." Luke 8:48 

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