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Day 10: You Are His Kid

GOD keeps moving me around.

At times I don't know where I live.

But wherever HE places me

it becomes like home

because wherever I go

HE is with me


If GOD is in my heart then I am always HOME.

Wherever I go my eyes are wide opened to

SEE what GOD has for me

because HIS PURPOSES always outweigh my own PURPOSES.

We can't SEE the bigger picture,

but when we are STILL enough

to just

stop and BREATHE in where we are

and who we are with


We experience GOD

through other people who GOD has placed in our path,

I believe HE does this to remind us that

HE IS always with us where we are

and has so much more for each one of us

wherever we are.

So I thank every person who GOD has placed in my life

wherever I go

because each one of us is a vessel in HIS KINGDOM

who has so much to offer

who has something so unique that no one else has.

And if we take this moment,

to just BE STILL enough

to be oh so every present

wherever GOD places us

we will SEE


GOD is ever so GOOD.

We are just a bunch of HIS kids

who HE adores more than we could ever imagine.

So let's lay down our adult hats

and just look up



for a moment

and RECEIVE HIS LOVE that will send shivers

down our spines~

"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!" (I John 3:1)..

Just Because

"GOD REALLY LOVES US" (listen to the song below)

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