• Joni

Day 1: Unmasked New You

Are you ready to wear a brand new MASK in 2021? A MASK that reveals what you are feeling at every moment. A MASK that tells everyone how you feel. A MASK that does not hide you, but reveals your REAL heart.

A MASK that you wear boldly because you no longer have to hide the REAL you. The REAL you who JESUS sees as HIS own. The REAL JESUS who feels what the REAL you is feeling.

The REAL JESUS who hands you a MASK that you can wear with confidence,

because the word FORGIVEN is stamped on it for all to see. Your 2021 MASK that is yours forever

no matter what you are

feeling or being

because JESUS feels all of you

& HE still loves every part of you because

HE FORGIVES all of you~ even those parts of you that no one else around you can FORGIVE & even those things you can’t even FORGIVE yourself for.

Will you LIVE UNMASKED to the ONE