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Undizzy Calm

Life has been tough,

but isn't that life

because life has a mind of its own~

Life is what happens when what you have planned has been changed.

But what if

Life is what happens when you have been changed because of changing life?

Hmm. Think about it.

You are spinning your wheels

and getting really dizzy,

And when you stop you just drop

because you are still spinning

even though you have stopped.

The older you get

it takes longer to get rid of the dizziness,

but when it is gone

STILLNESS remains.

How would you know what STILL was unless you knew dizzy?

How would you know PEACE if you never experienced anxiety?

How would you know JOY if you never experienced despair?

How would you know the FREEDOM of flying if you never experienced crawling?

How would you know JESUS if you never experienced JESUS?

HE is the STILLNESS despite changing life.

HE is JOY despite the dizziness of despair.

HE is PEACE despite the dizziness of anxiety.

Because JESUS is the change that changes you

from inside out

so that you start flying,

soaring above the dizziness of life

that strives to trap you

stealing away the


that is alway present



and HE isn't a cliche

or a religion that leaves you dry.

HE stops the world and everything in it

that strives to make you dizzy

because the moment you start to focus

on the ONE who calms the seas

your world becomes smaller and smaller and smaller


JESUS is so much bigger

that everything else loses its power

so that you are no longer dizzy

in the midst of the spinning times.




"FAITHFUL NOW" (listen to the song below)

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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