• Joni

Press on

I am getting used to this

& I don't like that I am getting used to this

because I want things to return like they were,

or do I really?

What do I really want to return to normal

and what do I really want to stay the same?

How about you?

What would you leave behind from the Old Normal

and what would you take with you from the New Normal?

Oh the Old Normal~

To be free to go to see those I want to see

when I want to see them

and to touch, to hug and squeeze so tightly

without wondering if they are okay to touch.

To go back to church.

Yes, I am a church nerd

as Church is a piece of heaven,

with everyone coming to see the main guest~


through worship & fellowship & the WORD

The gathering of hearts of all who come

with great anticipation & great expectation