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Let It Go

My husband's bike was stolen~

for about 1 hour.

It was my fault as I unlocked the bikes

when I used mine to ride home for about

10 minutes

and forgot to lock his.

When I returned back at the beach

his bike was gone.

Oops on my part.

And double oops on the one who took it.

After filing a report, my husband was thinking the best

that maybe someone took it by accident and might bring it back.

We prayed, as aren't we to pray without ceasing

about all things?

We prayed that whoever took it would bring it back.

We went back to the beach, planning to buy a new bike.

As we were on the beach, the policeman

came to get my husband as he wanted him to talk to another policeman.

Long story short, or should I say short story long~

as my husband was talking to him

he spots his bike.

It was back.

I immediately shouted "We just prayed for this. GOD heard our prayer".

Oh the excitement that took over my whole being, like it was the parting of the Read Sea.

Well, I sounded like I was losing my mind as everyone around us heard me shout,

but it was a little miracle

as the bike was gone and now it was back.

Would it have been returned if we didn't pray?

We will never know,

but what I know is that moment had nothing to do about the bike.

As those who heard me say that we had PRAYED

GOD became the main guest.

GOD is in the little things

because GOD is in all things~

but oh how we can forget to acknowledge HIM.

I felt as GOD tapped us on our shoulders and said,

"Just ask ME, talk to ME about it, because if it matters to you

it matters to ME".

What "matters" to you in this moment?

What is on your heart that you think is too little to PRAY about,

to talk to GOD about?

I will always remember this July 4th

because it was this day

that there was a swarm of bikes all parked by the beach

and my husband's bike

was chosen to be borrowed or stolen

for a wee bit of time

and maybe just maybe

for us to see GOD in all things

and for GOD to show HIMSELF to us

for a split second

that brought us such joy

and maybe just maybe

that those around us

who saw my eyes popping out of my head



came shouting out of my mouth

in thanksgiving,

because we invited GOD into our moment

through a simple PRAYER.

PRAY without ceasing


what matters to you matters to GOD

and that is all the

"MATTERS" (listen to the song below)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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