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Day 9: Breakthrough Light

This morning I awoke to the Shining Moon~

piercing through the remnants of night.

In a matter of time the Sun would take over~

to shed its LIGHT.


LIGHT in the darkness, LIGHT in the day~

LIGHT never sleeps, as it points the way.

No matter how dark, The LIGHT is always there~

The Moon & the Sun are the brightest pair.


But there is a LIGHT that never grows dim~

Because it is the Truth and the Way that lives within.

In our hearts and our minds, even on the darkest of dark~

This LIGHT forever shines, because it is our Birth Mark.


From the moment we confess with our mouths

that HE is our saving grace~

HIS Everlasting LIGHT, shines upon our face.

With beams of Love, Peace, Hope and Joy~

for every man and woman, girl and boy.


So remember when it is only dark that you see~

There is a LIGHT that lives in you and me.

It is more than the Moon and more than the Sun~

It is The LIGHT of the World, Who is a Someone.


From Darkness to LIGHT~




"THY WORD" (listen below)


"a lamp for my feet, a LIGHT on my path" (Psalm 119:105)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

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