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Day 8: Unchanging Joy

I figured out my problem

as I haven't been feeling like myself

as I feel as if JOY has been missing.

And as I look at my CHRISTMAS tree,

that is asking to be disassembled,

I don't want to

as I see the BABY JESUS as the main guest.

I see JOY.

The CHRISTMAS season is usually a distraction

for me as the grown up JESUS seems to get lost in

all the falalaling

as everyone is waiting for the BIG DAY.

Then the BIG DAY comes.

JOY comes in the morning,

but then what,

as CHRISTMAS was in the air since the first decorations

lined the stores shelves and internet in September,

that provides a NEW FOCUS,

or distraction,

as everyone is focused on the holiday season.

A great anticipation and expectation is BIRTHED in the air.

It still remains until the clock strikes 12 as we welcome in the NEW YEAR

and then it happens,

The world stops.

Just waiting for the next BIG DAY

as CHRISTMAS gets packed away.


I picture HIM sitting on my sofa

just waiting for me,

as HE looks at me and


why is my JOY gone.

Was I trying too hard to make JESUS the main guest of CHRISTMAS

that I actually forgot about HIM?

Now that was hard to write

especially coming from a JESUS freak,

but it is true.

I miss JESUS.

I seemed to put BIG JESUS

away through CHRISTMAS

and I want HIM back.

But I sense it all around me

as the falalala is gone from most people

as they have moved onto the next thing

about how to get through the winter.


And HE speaks


HE asks me to look at HIM

and I turn my head the other way.

I feel like HE left me.

BUT JESUS has never left.

It all makes sense in this moment

as the CHRISTMAS season

is a distraction for me

from my BIG JESUS.

HE is my JOY.

HE is my PEACE.

HE is my HOPE.

HE is my LOVE for HE LOVES like no other.

Even though the seasons CHANGE


but is the REAL CHANGE

that lasts forever.

So I am coming back.

JOY returns to my soul


JESUS did it again,

HE unwrapped me from all the rubble of the distractions of the CHRISTMAS season.

So when I do pack up the decorations

my nativity will remain


JESUS came as A BABY

who is the CHRISTMAS we all need

through every season


HE is the NEW

that we are searching for,

because HIS NEW is


that is always here.

Even if we get a wee bit distracted,

HE is still waiting


for all that HE will continue to do

in the lives of all who

call out to HIM~

"Hear me,LORD, and have mercy on me. Help me, O LORD.”

YOU have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. YOU have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy, that I might sing praises to you and not be silent. O LORD my GOD, I will give you thanks forever!" (Psalm 30:10-12)


for JOY returns to my soul


JESUS is my JOY.

"Find me here at YOUR feet again

Everything I am

Reaching out I surrender

Come sweep ME up in YOUR love again

And my soul will dance

On the wings of forever"*

and now I

*"TOUCH THE SKY" (listen to the song below)


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