• Joni

Day 8: Season Breakthrough

The wind is blowing

as it is whisking away summer.

I don't even like writing those words

as I am not a CHANGING seasons kind of a girl.

I love my summer.

I wear summer year round.

But I can only wear summer to a point, until snow gets in~between my toes.

I can't stop the seasons from CHANGING

as I can't stop anything from CHANGING

but I can stop me from CHANGING if

I don't allow GOD to CHANGE me.

Oh how HE knows me way better than I know myself

as HE created me

as HE created you.

Who creates someone who HE doesn't know?

If GOD knows

every hair on our head

every thought in our mind

every beat of our heart,

don't you think that HE wants what is best for us?