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Day 7: Your Crutch

You need both

or you can't walk.

You have to depend on both

or you can't walk,

because if you try to walk with one

you will have a limp

because you need a pair.


They come in all shapes & sizes,

yet they just don't seem to make walking easier,

because your CRUTCHES make it harder

as they are so hard to use

because with each step you are striving & striving

and will eventually get to your destination

all sweaty and tired

yet they are the only CRUTCHES that you have always used

because you believe they fit you.


come in all shapes and sizes

perfectly fit for you

because you are the creator of them.


"A person or thing on which something else is based or depends" (word hippo)

Oh the CRUTCHES of life

that come in all shapes and sizes~

Food, alcohol, shopping, drugs, _______


Bitterness, anger, shame,



Oh the CRUTCHES of life

that we depend on

yet are more of a stumbling block

as they keep you standing in the same place

even though you feel you are moving.

But then you are handed

a new set

with the words


You try them on for size.

One fits perfectly under one arm

and then the other one fits perfectly under the other arm

and you don't even have to try to walk

as it is effortless.

You are bewildered

as life got easier

but way too easy

as there has to be a catch,

so you drop them

and pick up your other CRUTCHES

and go back to what is familiar

because you feel more in control.

As sweat falls upon your brow

you look at


and remember how effortless your walk was

even though you weren't in control,

because it was as if SOMEONE else was walking for you


a PEACE fell upon you

that was so unfamiliar

yet felt so right

that you start to think

that being in control

is not such a great thing

and maybe just maybe

it is time to make the



the perfect pair of


who is



has to be our CRUTCH~

"A person or thing on which something else is based or depends"~


"WE ALL NEED JESUS" (listen to the song below)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

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