• Joni

Day 7: For Everyone

I never knew what I signed up for


I invited JESUS into my heart.

I never knew that when I invited JESUS into life

it was because HE invited me first.

HE wanted me,

just as I was so that HE take me to who I was created to be.


Did I know that I would face some things about myself that I didn't want to face?

Did I know that I would give up some things that I thought I would never give up?

Did I know that I would lose some people in my life?

Did I know that I would still experience suffering and trials?

Did I know that JESUS would never allow me to stay the same,

because where JESUS was taking me and is taking me is

so much MORE than I could ever imagine?

Oh I didn't know, and it didn't matter because when you

get INVITED to INVITE JESUS into your life

how can you say no~

because if I did

because if you did