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Day 7: Better Than Ever

What if THE BIBLE was the only book to read

& the only media to watch

& the only source on how to do life?

You read the headlines~

Man stuck in a whale's belly for three days and lives.

Three men delivered from a fiery furnace.

Would everyone BELIEVE?

You watch the news~

A crowd of 5000+ are fed from 5 loaves & 2 fishes

A little girl & a man are raised from the dead.

A MAN walks on water.

Would everyone BELIEVE?

You keep reading & watching.

This same MAN who

fed the 5000,

raised the dead,


who walked on water

was arrested

as HE claimed to be THE SAVIOR.

HE was beaten & then hung on a cross.

It is all over the news.

HE then shouts the words. "IT IS FINISHED"!

And then all goes dark.

But the earth shakes.

HE was buried.

Well that STORY is done. Hmm...

But then you find out that after three days

HE rose from the dead~

This MAN called JESUS.

Would everyone BELIEVE?

But wait. There is a news flash.

There is an encounter with a THOMAS who doesn't BELIEVE this to be true~

Unless I see the nail marks in HIS hands & put my finger where the nails were,

& put my hand into HIS side, I will not believe” (John 20:24)

And then you see it on the TV screen~

An encounter with THIS MAN JESUS & THOMAS

“Put your finger here; see MY hands.

Reach out your hand & put it into my side.

Stop doubting & BELIEVE” *

And then it happened.

"Thomas said to HIM, 'MY LORD & MY GOD” *(John 20:27-28).

You read it. You saw it.

Because you BELIEVE.

But then you realize that it was all a dream~

not the REAL STORIES about a REAL GOD

but that

THE BIBLE isn't the only book that everyone reads or watches on tv or refers to

on how to do life in this REAL WORLD.

But you keep reading & BELIEVING because you heard it from

THE MAN who fed the 5000, raised the dead & walked on water~

who you never saw

yet who

changed your heart forever so that


"Then JESUS told him,

'Because you have seen ME, you have believed;

blessed are those who have not seen & yet have BELIEVED” (John 20:29)


Oh I will keep reading & watching & referring to

THE BIBLE that is so beyond REAL that it is

better than my

"WILDEST DREAMS" (listen to the song below)

Amazing stories, but what about you?

Where is your miracle?

You read more & watch more & refer to the only BOOK that you have.

You wake up with anxiety and fear that is overtaking your being

and you open up the BOOK and read~

"Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.

Tell GOD what you need, and thank THANK for all HE has done" (Philippians 4:6).


What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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