• Joni

Day 6: More Than Enough

BUT GOD you are never not present.

Think about it.

Right this second GOD is with you.

You may not see fireworks and a ten piece band.

You may not even feel HIS PRESENCE

BUT GOD doesn't need fireworks or a ten piece band

to let you know that HE is here.

Look to your right.

HE is there.

Look to your left.

HE is there.

Now just sit with HIM.

Tears are rolling from my eyes

and I don't know why.

Is it the deafening silence

and all that I hear is the ringing in my ears?

Is it that I wanted GOD to do something life changing this morning

so that HE would blow my socks off?

Or is it that HE IS HERE.

HIS desire is me.