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Day 5: Can't Sleep

I can't sleep.

Was it something I ate?

Is it something I am thinking about?

Is it that I am spending too much time trying to

figure out why I can't sleep,

therefore I can't sleep?


My brain never stops trying to

figure out the "whys".

But what if I just stopped.

If I left the "I" out of the equation

and instead I asked GOD.

I know that sounds so Christian~ese

and way too easy,

so maybe that is why I don't want to bother

GOD and ask HIM such a silly question

of why can't I sleep.

But no question is too silly for GOD.

I should know better because that is how GOD and I work together,

I think my problem is that I think that GOD gets tired of hearing from me,

so I want to give HIM a break.

Okay the tears are flowing.

Why? Hmm. Because GOD just opened up my eyes

to why I am holding back on HIM.

Why would GOD want to take the time

to answer a silly question when there are so many

bigger issues in the world then Joni not sleeping?

So why ask?

But is the issue really how life shattering the question is

or is it that GOD just wants us to ask HIM.

To acknowledge that HE is our GOD.

To pay attention to HIM.

To invite HIM into our life

which is really where HE is supposed to be

or HE would have never created each one of us.

Who creates someone who HE doesn't want to be with?

So now I know why I can't sleep.

GOD was waiting for me to come to HIM

with all my silly and not so silly questions,

And that my friend is when REAL CHANGE happens,

To be totally honest and vulnerable with your CREATOR

who is in the big things

who is in the little things

because HE is in all things.

Don't hesitate to ask GOD the little things

as HE wants to be part of your whole life.

What is on your mind that you believe is way too little for a BIG GOD?

Or maybe you don't have anything on your mind right now,

and if you don't

just talk to HIM

because HE wants to hear from you~

"Trust [confidently] in HIM at all times, O people;

Pour out your heart before HIM. GOD is a refuge for us" (Psalm 62:8).

And once you talk to HIM

you will never be the SAME

because no one leaves the presence of GOD

the SAME.

So if you can't sleep

I can't either,

but what a glorious moment this has turned out to be

because GOD showed up

like HE always does

when we show up



"GOD WHO LISTENS" (listen to the song below)

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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