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Day 42: It Is Finished

As Easter approaches I have been thinking about


in a different light as I was thinking of

HIM as if HE were me.

What if I "drove" into town on a donkey

with everyone clapping and cheering me on

when I knew that I was

to be crucified

to be denied

to be mocked~

would I wave back and smile?

Oh no.

Not at all.

Number 1~

I would have never got on the donkey.

Number 2~

I would be screaming at everyone

begging them to see the light

and to stop the brutal murder I would soon be receiving.

Number 3~

I would look up to GOD and tell HIM that I do not deserve such

horrible treatment.

Number 4~

well there would be no number four


GOD would never have me go to Number 1


GOD didn't choose me to be JESUS.

GOD didn't choose me to go the CROSS for my sins.

GOD didn't choose me to have to always respond perfectly with GRACE,

even when GRACE is the last thing that others deserved


Number 1~

GOD chose JESUS to go in our place.

Number 2~

GOD chose JESUS to wear every one of our stinky sins on the CROSS.

Number 3~

GOD chose JESUS to be GRACE.

Number 4~

GOD chose you & I

to not be JESUS

but to have JESUS

do the impossible

to make it possible

for us never ever ever have to

ride into town on a donkey

on the way to our CROSS

even though it is

our CROSS~

because without the CROSS

there is no

"IT IS FINISHED" (John 19:30)

and where

would GRACE be


the undeserved

which is me.

Oh just WAIT and see


Great Anticipation


Great Expectation

that in

4 Days

JESUS did what

you or I or anyone else could ever do~

survive the CROSS

and RISE above.



right now

forever and ever and ever


JESUS already rode into town on a donkey

and got on the CROSS

and got off the CROSS

Number 1~


Number 2~


Number 3~


Number 4~

"IT IS FINISHED" (listen to the song below)

What are you WAITING to be FINISHED before you START living?


What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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