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Day 3: Greater

How are you today?

Do you know yet

or do you have to have your

morning coffee or morning exercise or

whatever you do first every morning

to get you awake

before you decide how you are going to be?

I don't know how I am this morning.

I look forward to getting up before anyone

and sit with


but sometimes

like this moment

I am sitting with



HE is pretty quiet.

Maybe HE is taking a break from me.

Maybe HE just wants me to sit in the quiet

and enjoy it~

to just be in the moment with


and not make

GOD into someone who I want HIM to be for me.

Do I expect an award for meeting with HIM?

What do I want from GOD this morning?

I want to experience HIM like I have never experienced HIM before.

Sounds like I am putting an


Am I testing GOD?

Am I asking GOD to prove to me that HE is here?

I guess I am because I want something MORE from HIM right now

because I can't FEEL GOD

because I can't FEEL JESUS

because I can't FEEL the HOLY SPIRIT pointing me anywhere right now.

I am trying to make GOD be GOD

because there is nothing greater than experiencing


that leaves you speechless

because you know


There is nothing GREATER than experiencing

HIS PEACE that transcends all understanding when you are in the midst of great turmoil.

There is nothing GREATER than experiencing

HIS HOPE that removes the word despair from your vocabulary.

There is nothing greater than not FEELING GOD right now,

because I am so FIXED on desiring more of HIM

that HE is taking over my being right now

by just hanging out with me

right where I am

without trying and striving to prove to me

that HE is here

with me.

Do I really want GOD to have to perform to my every whim

when I want HIM to~

then who would be GOD?

Oh I surrender~

But not my wanting to experience more of GOD,

but my wanting to be GOD

by telling HIM what HE needs to do for me

when HE knows me so better than myself.

GOD is doing exactly what HE is doing in this moment

that is beyond my greatest expectations


GOD of 2019 is the same GOD of 2020,

and the same GOD who from the very beginning created the

sun & the moon

water & land

you & me~

and Who

just wants to hang out with us

where we are

whether we can feel HIM or not

because HE always FEELS us

with a LOVE that never stops loving us.

Thank you GOD for showing up this morning in the way that you show up best~


that gets to this heart in the way that YOU want to get to it

that is GREATER than my expectations

because YOU always exceed my expectations~

and all YOU ask is for me to BELIEVE YOU

in all things

in all feelings

in all moments


"Without faith it is impossible to please GOD, because anyone who comes to HIM must believe that HE exists and that HE rewards those who earnestly seek HIM" (Hebrews 11:6).

Make this a "GREATER" day (listen to the song below)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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