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Day 28: The Quiet Dark

I sit here in the QUIET DARK.

The QUIET DARK when all stands STILL,

or at least it appears to stand STILL

because the dark shields the light.

Everything appears to have stopped.

Sleeping is in the world.

There are no sounds.

Even the birds are asleep.

But I am awake

as I love the QUIET DARK.

And then I look at the Christmas Tree

with its Christmas LIGHTS piercing through the dark

and my dark is no longer QUIET

as it is STILL.

There are no more secrets as the LIGHT awakes the quietness of the dark

and brings a PEACE that all is well.

Oh how I wish I could package this moment.

Oh how I wish I didn't hear the ringing in my ears

as it is becoming a distraction from the QUIET DARK.

But the STILLNESS remains

as I look again at the LIGHTS.

"All is calm. All is bright."

STILLNESS fills the air.

Everyone becomes quiet as they see the LIGHT in the sky

that made the announcement that changed the world.

It didn't have to say a word

as just its piercing LIGHT was enough

to beam into the


that was a

"Silent night, holy night!"

So that all could experience

the STILLNESS that was birthed

into the chaos.

"SON of GOD love’s pure light".


that never dims

as it is GOD'S invitation to

"All is calm. All is bright"

that came

wrapped in a BABY

on that SILENT night

that really wasn't that SILENT


GOD came to earth

to bring the STILLNESS





wrapped in


that illuminates the darkest of dark~

"I am the LIGHT of the world. If you follow ME, you won’t have to walk in darkness,

because you will have the LIGHT that leads to life” (John 8:12).

Oh I love the STILLNESS of the LIGHT

that awakens all the

QUIET DARK spaces & places

in our hearts

when we just stop for a second

and breathe in the

miracle of

THE BIRTH of THE BABY who is the

"Light of the world, YOU stepped down into darkness

Opened my eyes, let me see

Beauty that made this heart adore YOU"*

And just because HE IS the STILLNESS that illuminates the

QUIETNESS of the dark

you and I come and adore the BABY

to break the silence~

*"HERE I AM TO WORSHIP" (listen to the song below)


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