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Day 27: Light In The Darkness

It always baffles me when

you are going about your day


as you are SEEING HIM


and then IT happens.

Something TRIGGERS you

and you feel as if the sky is falling.

Nothing has really happened

that you can see,

as it happens in your mind

as you are reminded of what you don't have

and forget WHO you do have.

Have you ever been there before?

All of a sudden

THE JOY OF THE LORD is no longer your strength

THE PEACE OF GOD that transcends all understanding is not transcending

and HOPE is no where to be found.

It is almost as if someone turned out the lights and you can't find the light switch.

You know it is there, but for some reason you choose not to turn it on,

because maybe the light won't come on.

This happened to me the other day.

Oh the battle was fierce,

as it seemed as if my mind and heart was emptied of

all that I BELIEVE.

It was as if GOD and JESUS were nowhere to be found.

All of a sudden

the HURT places of my HEART were beating strong.

The places that I have given to


as I continue to




But where was JESUS now.

But where was GOD now.

Oh I felt as if THEY were buried.

It was like a bat out of hell came storming through my house,

to erase all that happened the day before in my home.

I should know better, as this happened after my home was full of women who came

to talk about JESUS.

Oh the LIGHT was bright.

Oh the JOY OF THE LORD was my strength.

Oh the PEACE OF GOD was transcending.

Because HOPE was in all our hearts

because JESUS was the main guest.

And when 2 or more are gathered there is now snuffing out the LIGHT!

And then IT happened.

It was if someone turned out the LIGHTS.

I can't stand when this happens.

And I resigned myself to sit in the darkness of the place where it felt as if GOD and JESUS left my home, because I forgot how sly and crafty the enemy is who hates when

2 or more are gathered together because of JESUS.

Oh when it is if I have short term memory loss,

as I forgot that there is a battle that will

continue on this earth between the dark and the LIGHT,

between our flesh and the SPRIRT.


"No weapon formed against you will prevail"

(Isaiah 54:17)


"HE who is in you is greater than he who is the world"

(I John 4:4)


TRUTH hasn't left the room


JESUS hasn't left my HEART.

I should have known better,

but oh how I got sidetracked

as I forgot about the crafty serpent

who wants nothing less but

for ALL of GOD'S children

to eat the apple.

Oh he is subtle.

BUT GOD showed up,

as I shook the cobwebs of LIES from my head

that were striving to replace HIS TRUTHS.

Oh the BATTLE is fierce

BUT GOD ALWAYS wins the battle~

"So submit to [the authority of] GOD.

Resist the devil [stand firm against him]

and he will flee from you.

Come close to GOD[with a contrite heart]

and HE will come close to you" (John 4:7-8)

So let's do


"In conclusion, be strong in the LORD [draw your strength from HIM and be empowered through your union with HIM] and in the power of HIS [boundless] might. Put on the full armor of GOD [for HIS precepts are like the splendid armor of a heavily-armed soldier], so that you may be able to [successfully]

stand up against all the schemes and the strategies and the deceits of the devil"

(Ephesians 6:10-11)



(listen to the song below)


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