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Day 25: Simple Interruption

I didn't want to be INTERRUPTED

as I had my plan,

yet I prayed that morning for a GOD APPOINTMENT.

And then I got INTERRUPTED~


He walked towards me.

Someone I really didn’t feel like talking to at that moment,

as I had one mission in mind

and that was to walk on the beach and to be with GOD,

as I was craving alone time with GOD.

But instead I was


I know this man, as he lives right on the beach.

He wanted to talk.

He shared what was going on in his life.

He shared a past surgery.

He shared his weight gain.

He shared that he has been depressed.

My lips started to move and then words

"Are you mad at GOD" came flowing out.

His eyes went bug eyed as he responded

"I can't believe you said that, but yes".

Then one word lead to another and to another.

My lips kept moving, which is easy for me,

but something was different.

I asked questions.

I shared my GOD story.

He had said he wasn't practicing his faith,

and that JESUS wasn't someone who his faith believed in.

He had no hope.

I shared HOPE.

HOPE found in JESUS.

My lips kept moving as words flowed one by one

and before I knew it

I went from Adam & Eve

to Moses and to David

and then back to JESUS.

I didn't have a script.

I didn't have a plan

except that I wanted to go to the beach

to be with GOD.

BUT GOD had other plans

right in the middle of the street

taking control of that moment in time

as HE had answered my prayer earlier in the morning


which I saw as an INTERRUPTION.

Now I know this man had no idea what he was getting himself into

as I didn't even know

as he wasn't on my agenda as I am sure that I wasn't on his agenda.

He got more than he could imagine in that moment

as he left with my asking him to

look up


talk to GOD

and to invite JESUS into his life.

He left with the words

"I still can't believe you knew that I was mad at GOD".

He left different then when we started the conversation.

Now he may hide & run the next time he sees me,

but GOD sees him

as GOD created him


GOD wants all HIS children to




as what is the purpose of life

if there is no HOPE in the ONE who is our HOPE?

But oh, how I will never look at INTERRUPTIONS

the same

as I started to walk to the beach

to begin with my time with GOD

when actually

I was continuing my time with GOD


HE had set up this


that I saw as an INTERRUPTION

when it SIMPLY was a


to share & remember that

HE is

"ALL MY HOPE" (listen to the song below)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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