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Day 22: More Than A Baby

Did they know when they opened the door that

SHE was more than just a girl & HE was more than just a boy

because the BABY inside of her was so much more than they could ever imagine.

Would they have sent them to to the stable?

Who is this BABY, who once upon a time, 2021 years ago was born in a manger.

Who is this BABY, who grew up like any other carpenter’s son.

Who is this BABY, who got lost, and was found in HIS FATHER'S home preaching.

Who is this BABY, who has gone to prepare a place for us.

Who is this BABY?

Our KING who humbled HIMSELF to become a MAN.

Who is this MAN who was born to die.

Who is this MAN who endured the cross, for the joy set before HIM.

Who is this MAN who was brutally murdered, on that cross, for you and for I.

Who is this MAN who shed HIS blood, so you and I could be forgiven.

Who is this MAN who laid in a tomb and rose in three days.

Who is this MAN who fulfilled every prophecy in GOD'S great book.

Who is this MAN whose arms are always opened to accept whoever comes.

Who is this MAN who walked this earth with persevering endurance.

Who is this MAN who knocked on my heart and called out my name.

Who is this MAN who came running when I answered HIS call.

THIS MAN is my SAVIOR who saved me from myself.

THIS MAN is my wound healer, who has patched up those holes in my heart.

THIS MAN is my burden carrier, who tells me to Come when I am weary

THIS MAN is the author and perfector of my faith.

THIS MAN is who I come to follow, to learn how to walk .

THIS MAN is my significance, when I feel so insignificant

THIS MAN is my acceptance, when rejection comes from the world

THIS MAN is my redeemer, who has redeemed all the years the locusts have eaten.

THIS MAN is my teacher, who teaches me when I sit at HIS feet

THIS MAN is the Way, when I wander off the path.

THIS MAN who I meet with daily, as I sit at HIS feet.

THIS MAN who loves me, just as I am.

THIS MAN is the Truth, when I am being feed lies.

THIS MAN is where I abide, so I produce healthy fruit.

THIS MAN is the my life~ today, tomorrow, and forever.



who was born to swaddle each one of us

in a LOVE that is so great

that makes you and I


just because


I wonder~

did the innkeeper know when he heard

THE BABY'S first cry coming from the stable


HE was so much more than just an ordinary BABY

& that she was

"JUST A GIRL" (listen to the song below)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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