• Joni

Day 22: Just Tell Him

Childlike FAITH.

As I was on the beach with my grandchildren

my grandson wanted to find a coconut.

So I took the risk and told him to ask GOD.

And he replied, "But GOD can't hear me".

And I told him that GOD hears everything that you tell HIM.

and that I talk to HIM all the time.

If you are sad, tell HIM.

If you are afraid, tell HIM.

If you are ______, tell HIM.

And then I thought "oops".

What if he now asks GOD for a coconut,

but he doesn't find one?


Think about it.

We ask. GOD hears. But we don't get what we want.

But does that mean GOD hasn't heard our request?

We know the answer, but how do you tell a 5 year old.

You just tell him.

Sometimes GOD will give you exactly what you