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Day 20: The Empty Nest

A precious little eaglet sits in her nest,

all comfy and cozy, having all her needs tended to.

But then the mommy eagle begins taking out the comfy cozy padding

in the nest, piece by piece.

The nest begins to become uncomfortable.

The little eaglet is bewildered, and then becomes terrified,

as now her mommy has brought her to the edge of the nest.

Her mommy is getting ready to kick her out.

“What”, gasps the eaglet. “You are going to do what?

There is a pretty steep drop from this nest to the ground?”

The mommy responds, reminding her little eaglet that she was given wings to fly.

“Where’s DADDY? I have to talk to DAD about this”, cries the eaglet.

“Look up”, responds her mommy.

And up in the beautiful blue sky the eaglet sees the wingspan of her DADDY

spread across the sky as HE hovers over the nest.

Then at that moment, the mommy eagle pushes her eaglet out of the nest,

and immediately the eaglet’s wings open wide and she begins to soar (well in stumbling way). Flapping away, the eaglet’s eyes are peeled on her DADDY

who is soaring above with HIS eyes peeled on HIS daughter,

ready to catch her if she falls.

The mommy has tears in her eyes as her job is complete,

but the FATHER'S job has just begun.

HE will never leave,

HE will always be soaring above

and that is where the eaglet has placed her hope.

“You see, an eaglet cannot fall faster than her father can fly" (de Guia).


that you have given us all wings to fly

and even though we leave the nest

YOU never leave us~

"HE will cover you with his feathers.

HE will shelter you with his wings.

HIS faithful promises are your armor and protection" (Psalm 91:4)

"PSALM 91" (listen to the song below)

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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