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Day 20: Live The Moment

She held HIM in her arms

and it became the most precious MOMENT

that was tattooed on her heart forever.

There HE was.

THE BABY that the angel told MARY

that she would be carrying in her womb.

And there HE was.

That one MOMENT in time

that no one can ever erase from her,

even if they didn't BELIEVE

that THE BABY was the SAVIOR.

Oh those precious MOMENTS that last forever

for they are your precious MOMENTS.

Oh I love those MOMENTS

when you are really in the MOMENT

and you breathe it all in,

so that when that MOMENT comes back

you cry tears of great JOY

because it is your MOMENT

that happened without your knowing it was going to happen.

Like when you are watching a movie

with your grandchildren.

And then you are introduced to your grandson's favorite song

and then it becomes your favorite because it becomes a

precious MOMENT as you hear him sing it

and the words just melt your heart.

And then you keep playing the song

and he sings it with you

and you have a MOMENT that is tattooed on my heart

because the LOVE is so great

and no one can take away that MOMENT.

Then my hubby plays the song

and he and I both have tears in our eyes that are flooding from our hearts

as we think about the precious MOMENTS

we had with him and his sister and his mother and his father.

And then more MOMENTS with

our son and wife and their two children.

MOMENTS come and MOMENTS go,

but MOMENTS are what make up your life.

And because GOD is so gracious HE sends MOMENTS

and all we have to do is

RECEIVE them as a gift.

Grab your MOMENTS.

And now as I look at the manger

and see MARY & JOSEPH and the lamb

huddled over BABY JESUS

I cry tears of JOY for that MOMENT in time

that will never be erased,

no matter how old I get,

because that MOMENT when JESUS was born into my heart

it is tattooed on my heart forever~

because JESUS is more than a MOMENT.

Make JESUS your everlasting MOMENT

because JESUS is more than

"JUST A BABY" (listen to the song below)

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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