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Day 19: The Breath Of Faith


just taking a BREATH

is taking a step of courage

when everything around you

is falling apart

which is making you fall apart.

Heartache comes in all different shapes and sizes,

as my heart is so heavy

for a new mommy & daddy whose first child

has been struggling the moment of her early birth.

Oh their FAITH has made then BREATHE

as they have been clinging to

GOD with every BREATH

as their little girl has been clinging to her every BREATH

because her little lungs have been so compromised


BREATHING is a milestone.


you are doing it right now,

yet do you really think about it

as if your life depends on it.

What if you had to have FAITH to just simply BREATHE?

You know those moments when all you know what to do

is to live


and you don't know how you are able to do it on your own,

because if you depended on yourself you couldn't do it.


as you open up HIS WORD~

"All Scripture is GOD-breathed..." (2 Timothy 3:16)

And HIS tender WORDS just wash over you like a comfy cozy warm blanket

that envelopes your heart where nothing else could do what only

HIS WORD could do.

For HE is so faithful even when our FAITH tires,

when what we see or hear of feel

is suffocating.

Will you take a BREATH

and another and thank GOD for it

and wrap your arms around a someone

who is struggling to take their next BREATH,

because we weren't created to do life alone.

We all need each other.

And we all need GOD.

Because a life without GOD is a life where there is no BREATH.

Pray for this little family and their precious little girl


who has GRACED their lives

as they have GRACED my life~

as their oxygen is GOD

as their FAITH has been carrying them and is carrying them

and will continue to carry them,

yet their hearts are beyond broken.

Will you BREATHE for them

and BREATHE for those in your life,

who are gasping for air

yet aren't even aware of it,


Never take advantage of


that is just a page away.



(listen to the song below)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

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