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Day 19: Slow Down

Tears fill my being

as I think about the plumber

who was recently at my home.

He first apologized for taking 5 days to get back to me,

because the day he left my home to first access the issue

his wife was in a horrific car crash

and they were fighting now to save her leg.

He apologized in the midst of his pain

when it wasn't even an issue for me

but for him it was.

As he shared his heart

as he was holding a pipe that he was replacing,

he still made it an issue to fix it,

as his eyes were filled with tears

that he was trying so hard to hold back.

I was stopped in my tracks.

I asked if I could PRAY for his wife


It was a surreal moment

a GOD appointment,

that was a moment

etched on my heart

as nothing mattered

but his heart and his heart for his wife

who was fighting for her life.

He came to my home,

as he was doing his job,

as he didn't know what else to do,

as the love of his life was being transported to a trauma hospital,

where he was going to meet her

after he replaced a silly little pipe at my home.

Was it all about my little pipe

or the "real" reason for my little broken pipe.

A moment to PRAY

for Tony's precious Sharon.

A hopeless helpless moment

that was a job for GOD.

What if my pipe wasn't broken?

What a missed opportunity for Tony to share his broken heart

and for GOD to enter into that moment,

that precious moment,

as every moment is precious

to GOD

no matter what moment we are living.

Can you stop right now

and be oh so very STILL

as you feel your lungs fill up with air and then be released.

What a miracle it is to breathe,

yet don't we forget

when other things

start to take our breath away~

whether it is the big life changing things

or the little itty bitty trivial things that strive to steal our peace.

Let's FAST from going so FAST

that we miss the miracle of our every breath

so that we see

GOD in every moment

and thank HIM

for giving us our first breath at our birth

and for HIS never giving up on us

because HE goes beyond just giving us life

as HE gives us ABUNDANT LIFE

in every moment

because HE took the time

to give us all more than we could ever imagine

all wrapped up in HIS SON.

Pray for Tony. Pray for Sharon. Pray for your loved ones.

Pray for yourself.

Never stop PRAYING

which is simply conversing with the ONE who has given you breath.

Slow down and FAST from going so FAST by

being so STILL to breathe in

"WHAT HE'S DONE" (listen to the song below)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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