• Joni

Day 19: Slow Down

Tears fill my being

as I think about the plumber

who was recently at my home.

He first apologized for taking 5 days to get back to me,

because the day he left my home to first access the issue

his wife was in a horrific car crash

and they were fighting now to save her leg.

He apologized in the midst of his pain

when it wasn't even an issue for me

but for him it was.

As he shared his heart

as he was holding a pipe that he was replacing,

he still made it an issue to fix it,

as his eyes were filled with tears

that he was trying so hard to hold back.

I was stopped in my tracks.

I asked if I could PRAY for his wife


It was a surreal moment

a GOD appointment,

that was a moment

etched on my heart