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Day 19: Lost Without Him

I would have never been able to

make it to this point in my life



I know this sounds so Christian~ese,

but it is pure truth.

Tears fill my being

as I think about "who am I"

that JESUS would die for me

that JESUS would take me as I am

that JESUS would stay with me through all things

especially at the times when circumstances around me

shout for me to doubt HIM~

when instead

HE allows me to COME to HIM

so that HE can give me all that I need in every second.

HE never tires of me.

HE never tires of you.

HE never tires of anyone

because HE has so much MORE

to give to each one of us

than we can ever imagine.

What if I didn't COME to HIM?

HE would have been so gracious to me

and just let me walk away


JESUS is so kind.

JESUS doesn't force anyone to COME,

yet HIS LOVE always waits

for all to COME.

What if I never came?

I don't want to ever think about it

because I know that I wouldn't be sitting here right now

with tears streaming down my face

in such gratitude

and amazement

that JESUS is here right with me~

because I will never leave JESUS

just as HE will never leave me

as I continue to want



as HE continues to want to give MORE

to me

to you


to everyone.


for saving my life


giving me life

that is everlasting into forever


so beyond my wildest dreams in every second

that I spend with YOU

as I continue to remain

"LOST IN YOUR LOVE" (listen to the song below)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

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