• Joni

Day 19: Hollowday

The needles of the CHRISTMAS tree are beginning to cover the floor.

The ornaments are ready to fall off of the now weakened branches.

The outside garland & bows are beginning to droop

The shelves at the store are emptying as they make room for valentines day.

The Hallmark Christmas specials are way too predictable.

Only 6 Days until CHRISTMAS


what if you don't feel like falalalalal-ing?

Are you feeling CHRISTMAS or is feeling like a HOLLOW~Day?

This morning I feel "HOLLOW" & am thinking what is wrong with me,

because I am not “feeling” CHRISTMAS.

I can't conjure up the feelings of CHRISTMAS~

the excitement as a child waiting to see what Santa is going to bring.

That childlike CHRISTMAS spirit~

of great anticipation & great expectation ..

leading to joy as soon as I see the gifts.

But as an adult, I no longer wait for Santa to come~

so does that mean I no longer have great anticipation & great expectation?

It all depends on where I am putting my