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Day 18: Brand New

HE never stops

even when you think the world has stopped.

You look to the right

and you look to the left

and you don't see anything

and you start to wonder

Is HE here?

You know that HE is

yet the silence is deafening

and you wonder

IS JESUS enough

in this very moment.

And you sit so still

because you hear nothing

because everything around you is so still.

Is HE here?

And then you realize

that HE has taken you away

so that it is only HE & you

alone in the room.

Tears roll down my face and is it because

I am so very still

in the quiet

and in this very moment

HE is here

with me

cocooning me

covering me

once again

and I wonder

is HE enough in the deafening silence

and I feel like HE is chuckling

and wondering when will I get it

when will I really get it


HE never lets me stay in the same place

because HE is constantly




as HE uses all things for my good

and your good

even if things around you

and even if things around me

are so very different,

but being


is always the different that I embrace

because NEW is so much better than old.

"Therefore, if anyone is in CHRIST the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!" (2 Corinthians 5:17)

"BRAND NEW" (listen to the song below)

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