• Joni

Day 17: The Perfect Day

TODAY is going to be the PERFECT DAY. What will you do? Where will you go? Who will you spend it with? Because TODAY is going to be the PERFECT DAY because you will make it PERFECT. Nothing will go wrong because TODAY is going to be the PERFECT DAY because you have PERFECT control over it. And then it happens~ you get out of bed & what you wanted to do~ changes. Where you wanted to go~ changes . Who you wanted to be with with~ changes. TODAY is not going to be the PERFECT DAY because it isn't turning out like you planned. So you throw the towel in & check off TODAY as IMPERFECT & dream about your next PERFECT DAY which will be Tomorrow. Yet Tomorrow never comes because you are always in TODAY & for some reason "your" PERFECT just never shows up because you & I are looking for it in the wrong places. Living IN PERFECT is ~the PEACE that transcends all understanding in the midst of IMPERFECT ~being LOVED unconditionally when your conditions are IMPERFECT ~the HOPE that is seen beyond the IMPERFECT because LIVING IN PERFECT is not when everything goes the way you want it when you want it to because LIVING IN PERFECT is Living in the IMPERFECT IN the PERFECT ONE who turns Anxiety into PEACE Fear into FAITH Hopeless into HOPE Doubt into TRUST Hatred into LOVE because there is nothing IMPERFECT about JESUS~ even the nail holes in HIS hands and HIS feet because if HE was IMPERFECT HE would have never given up HIS PERFECT LIFE in HIS heavenly home to come and live on this IMPERFECT earth just so HE could have a relati