• Joni

Day 17: Lost But Found

I was told to


I took that to heart,

as I take everything to heart.

So I tried it all.

I will take tennis lessons.

And still not be able to serve.

I will take sailing lessons.

And still tip the boat.

I will even learn how to do ______ or _______.

And I still didn't FIND the LIFE that I was asked to FIND,

because what I was trying to FIND I already had FOUND.

Now there is nothing wrong with tennis or sailing or _______.

But there is only one LIFE to FIND, and if it isn't FOUND then LIFE isn't LIFE.

"Whoever has the SON has LIFE; whoever does not have the SON of GOD does not have LIFE"

(I John 5:12)

But when I did FIND REAL LIFE it still wasn't enough

for those who needed to get the LIFE that they were asking me to FIND.

It is so much easier to tell others what to do, what to think, and how to do things better,