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Day 15: Winning Faith

He took his time.

And then he hit the ball.

And then he smiled and said,

"The ball went exactly where I wanted it to go".

Oh the words of my grandson

playing golf for the first time

and so excited that the ball rolled a couple of feet from him,

because that was exactly where he wanted it to go.

And then he placed the ball down again

and said, "I want to hit it in the water".

And he hit it

and it

went exactly where he wanted it to go,

right in the water.

Not only was he so excited,

but we all where


his joy was contagious.

Oh we giggled all day

even when

the ball didn't go where the "adults" wanted their ball to go

and that was okay,

because what was the day all about~

it wasn't about golf

as it was a day spent together

in remembrance of a dear friend who is no longer with us.

Now I don't even like golf,

yet I showed up in my flip flops

and had a great day

just watching.

I tried to hit the ball a couple of times

and the ball just stayed right where it was

and it was exactly where I wanted it to go

because it didn't matter if I could hit it

because I knew I could never hit it where it was supposed to go

because I would never try hard enough

because I don't want to be a golfer.

I want to be my grandson.

A child

who embraces every moment with such excitement

to get everything he can out of every moment

as he enjoys it,

but then again

he has a bunch of adults

who clap when his ball just rolls

even into the water.

If only we could laugh at ourselves more


we have a


who looks at us with such


and craves to have a relationship with each one of us

so much so

that HE sent HIS SON

to become a little precious baby

who grew into a little boy

who grew into a man

who would be awesome at golf and everything else,

yet chose instead

to make HIS PAPA proud

by doing what HIS FATHER

asked HIM to do.

And JESUS did it

as HE was thinking about you & me & everyone else

as HE hung on a cross,

because that was what HE wanted to do.

Thank you my precious grandson for reminding me

of the great LOVE of our FATHER

who has brought back my giggles and excitement of being a child,

who doesn't have to be able to hit a golf ball

or get a hole in one.

As it isn't about winning in the game of life,

because life isn't a game.

Life is a precious gift

that should never be taken taken lightly

as it is fleeting, just a breath,

yet a gift that lasts forever

when it isn't taken lightly


"GOD loves each of us as if there were only one of us" (St. Augustine)

or HE wouldn't have created each of us.

So you don't have to play golf.

But if you do

and the ball ends up in the water

look up

and giggle with your FATHER

and say

"That is exactly where I wanted it to go"


when HE sees you

HE sees HIS kid


then when HE sees HIS SON

covering you

HE says,

"That is exactly how I want you"


HE wants you & me & everyone else

because life isn't a game

it is eternal~

"I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. MY FATHER, who has given them to ME, is greater than all;

no one can snatch them out of MY FATHER'S hand" (John 10:28-29).

Embrace being HIS CHILD


"JESUS LOVES YOU" (listen to the song below)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

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