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Day 15: The Blame Game

I wonder

what if JESUS BLAMED us for what HE had to go through.

But then if HE BLAMED us

would HE have gone to the CROSS.


takes the focus off of yourself

because it puts it on someone else.


it started in the garden.

It was the APPLE's fault.

It was the Serpent's fault.

But it was EVE's fault.

But it was ADAM's fault.

But it was GOD who created the

the tree

the apple

the EVE

the ADAM

the serpent.

So should we BLAME GOD?

But didn't GOD take the BLAME

and put it all on JESUS

to take our BLAME.


Now I know the TRUTH of this,

but don't we live as if we


for all that is wrong in this world

for all that is wrong in ourselves

for all that is wrong in others.

Because if GOD IS GOD

then GOD shouldn't allow anything that is

wrong that wrongs us or anyone else.

But did GOD say EAT THE APPLE?

So maybe just maybe GOD did BLAME HIMSELF

as HE provided a solution

so that we don't have to wear the weight of BLAME,

because HIS SON had to wear it

on a CROSS.

And this was the heaviest weight that anyone would ever have to carry

just so we don't have to.

"GOD put the world square with HIMSELF through the MESSIAH, giving the world a fresh start by offering forgiveness of sins... How? you ask. In CHRIST GOD put the wrong on HIM who never did anything wrong, so we could be put right with GOD" (2 Corinthians 19, 21).

Who do you place the weight of BLAME upon

because you don't have ______

or you don't feel _______,

so that you remain stuck where you are

until ______ gets resolved?

Doesn't that question just pierce your heart

with the reality

that BLAME is real

because whatever or whoever you are BLAMING

has pierced your heart with such deep pain

that you just can't forget

or just won't forget.

BUT JESUS steps in and gets

PIERCED by taking all the BLAME

of all that is unjust and unfair.

So let's FAST from the weight of BLAME.

Every time you want to


someone or something today

remember that

GOD doesn't BLAME you or me or anyone else

for our shortcomings

because if HE did

would GOD have had JESUS wear BLAME~

"But HE was pierced for our rebellion,

crushed for our sins.

HE was beaten so we could be whole.

HE was whipped so we could be healed.

All of us, like sheep, have strayed away.

We have left GOD'S paths to follow our own.

Yet the Lord LAID on HIM

the sins of us all"

"ISAIAH 53" (listen to the song below)


What are your thoughts & prayers?

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