• Joni

Day 15: All Things

So…YOU say this is going to fit????

Oh trying to fit a square peg into a round hole~

Seems impossible, doesn't it?

But isn't that what we try to do

when we want what we want when we want it,

& take matters into our own hands?

Boy have I forced many square pegs into round holes that never fit.

The effort, the blood, the sweat & the tears

exerted to force things to happen before their time,

as I force "my will be done in my time"~

striving to fill the holes in my life with those things which I thought would be enough to fix me.

But a hole is still a hole in need to be filled.

Our tender hearts have all been broken in one way or another.

The scars remain~the holes left behind that need to be healed.

Our gracious GOD, could leave them as they are,

but HIS desire is to fill them completely in the best way for each one of us.

Someone may have left a round hole in your life,

but then HE sends another to fill it.

It comes in a different shape,

in a different unique way that is designed just for you to fit perfectly.

It may appear that there is no way that "it" is going to fit,

as we have our own ideas of what our lives should look like