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Day 12: God Happening

IT happened again

because GOD is always HAPPENING.

The problem is if we aren't still enough

we don't get to experience


and SEE GOD doing what HE does best.

HE IS in the sunrise because HE created the sun.

HE IS in the tree because HE created the tree.

HE IS in my fingers right now as I type these words

because HE created me.

No one wishes themselves into existence.

Think about it.

GOD made you HAPPEN.

I am in awe because GOD has made me be STILL

because I asked HIM to slow me down so I can

HEAR HIM over the chatter of my own mind.

I asked HIM to slow me down so I can

SEE HIM beyond my circumstances.

And then I asked HIM

take my mind, my heart, and my soul,

which STILLS me from myself.

And when you ASK GOD HE answers

. As I think about all the times when I was STILL,

it was in those moments that I experienced GOD HAPPENINGS.

Whether it was meeting my new sister in CHRIST in the grocery story.

Only GOD would intertwine relationships in the bleach aisle.

GOD had slowed me down enough

to experience HIM through others who love HIM.

She breathes HIS TRUTH.

She always points me to JESUS

when I am pointing to myself.

Whenever we are together

GOD HAPPENS as we experience HIM together.

As we were having dinner and praying multiple times,

one of the servers came up to us

because he saw us pray.


because GOD HAPPENED in his life.

Ezekiel is his name

and oh he beams JESUS.

He shared HIS GOD story

with tears in his eyes

as he gave all glory to GOD

for the possible that GOD did in the midst of all impossibility.


Oh I am still in awe of

GOD how HE is always HAPPENING

and all HE asks is for us to be STILL enough

so we don't miss him.

Oh my friend

BE STILL in the midst of whatever you are doing

because GOD IS HAPPENING all around us.

I have tears dripping down my face right now

because of how GOD never stops dripping HIS FAVOR


whether it is in a sunrise or a sunset

or having me meet a woman in a grocery store who loves JESUS

or a waiter who loves JESUS too.

I am too old to waste my time anymore

looking for what I want when I want it

when GOD continues to shower me with more of


I thank HIM for my fingers right now

that can express what is on my heart,

the heart that HE created

the day HE created me.

So will you join me and




“‘Love the Lord your GOD, ___________,

with all your heart, ___________, and with all your soul


and with all your mind

___________" (Matthew 22:37).

And then you will

KNOW that GOD is always HAPPENING.

Can you SEE HIM?

Oh you will

and all you have to do is

just be

"STILL" (listen to the song below)

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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