• Joni

Day 12: God Happening

IT happened again

because GOD is always HAPPENING.

The problem is if we aren't still enough

we don't get to experience


and SEE GOD doing what HE does best.

HE IS in the sunrise because HE created the sun.

HE IS in the tree because HE created the tree.

HE IS in my fingers right now as I type these words

because HE created me.

No one wishes themselves into existence.

Think about it.

GOD made you HAPPEN.

I am in awe because GOD has made me be STILL

because I asked HIM to slow me down so I can

HEAR HIM over the chatter of my own mind.

I asked HIM to slow me down so I can

SEE HIM beyond my circumstances.

And then I asked HIM

take my mind, my heart, and my sou