• Joni

Day 1: You Are Loved

How can you be LOVED if GOD didn't LOVE you?

Think about it. Really think about it.

You once where a precious baby.


You & me.

A precious baby SEEN by others as precious

because you were a baby.

You didn't have to do anything.

And even when you cried you were still precious.

~So what has taken away your preciousness

Is it who you SEE in the mirror or how others SEE you


is it your ever aging body?

But aren't you & I still that precious baby

who was created by GOD by GOD

who looks upon us with such tenderness

because of HIS GRACE

that loves every one of HIS CREATIONS

because it is all about HIM.

So if we make it ALL ABOUT HIM

then we can move to the side

and not make it about ourselves

so GOD can continue t