• Joni

Day 1: Sponge Faith

I am like a sponge.

I absorb what is around me.

Whatever the vibe, I own it.

You are in a bad mood, I feel it.

You are in a good mood, I feel it.

I am externally stimulated.

I don't try to be, as it just happens.

So when I sit with GOD

I immediately become ABSORBED IN HIM.

My problem is that when I leave my time of STILLNESS with HIM

I forget that HE is ABSORBED IN me.

HE hasn't left me.

But oh how just stepping out of my bubble.

I want to run back into my

sweet precious STILLNESS time when it is just me & HIM.

BUT GOD hasn't left me.

HE is right where HE was in my time of STILLNESS.

For HE IS FAITHFUL always, even when my FAITH wavers~

"If we