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Cease Striving

I hear nothing but the ringing in my ears.

I try to tune it out,

yet it gets louder & louder

as I STRIVE not to hear it.

It will drive me nutty if I keep

TRYING not to hear it,

because I am focusing too hard

on what I am STRIVING & TRYING not to hear.

TRYING & STRIVING to get rid of something

that I have no power over,

Oh how I TRY & STRIVE without even trying

as it is just being human.

Oh how I wish this human side wouldn't be so human

& would just


to TRY so hard

to do the impossible.

Tears fill my eyes as I write this

as I hear a soft whisper

TRYING to speak to me~.

"CEASE STRIVING and know that I am GOD" (Psalm 46:10).

Am I so focused on the things that I can't change

that even the ringing in my ears is drowning out the soft whisper

of GOD who is

always pursuing me

who is

always pursuing you

just because

HE is GOD~

Who is the only ONE who can drown out

not only the ringing in my ears

but all things that are TRYING to steal



of just


in the silence


so that HE can just BE

EVERYTHING that I need in the moment?

Tears are really filling not only my eyes but my whole being

as HIS SON is now calling me

in the same way HE IS calling you

with open arms~

"Then JESUS said, 'COME TO ME, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens,

and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you,

because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  

For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light" (Matthew 11:28-30).






Is it really that simple to do in spite of the ringing and ________

that is

STRIVING to get all of my attention

or ________ that STRIVES to get all of your attention?

Oh yes~

BECAUSE GOD never stops STRIVING to get all of my attention or to get all of your attention

as HE gently whispers to us in the midst of the ringing, in the midst of _______~

"Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.  Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil" (Psalm 4:25-27).


Maybe just maybe

HIS WHISPERS do drown out the ringing and the ___________


are all we need to hear & are all we do hear

when we

enter into HIS embrace


Oh the ringing is now gone

and the _________ lost its power



is all I hear

in this moment

& in every moment

when I am

and when you are

"STILL" (listen to the song)

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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