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Day 5: Let Go

Sometimes you just have to


of a good thing

because it is getting in the way of a greater thing.

The GREATER thing is

our relationship

with GOD.

We know that HE wants us to

"cast all our cares" .

We know that HE wants us to

"not be anxious" .

We know that HE wants us to

"not be afraid".

We know that HE wants us to

not be so that HE can be so much more than

whatever or whomever

is taking up too much space our hearts & our minds

that is robbing us of the greatest gift ever~


Okay, this isn't rocket science

but oh how I make it be

when all GOD wants is for you & I


"'Love the LORD your GOD with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind" (Matthew 2:27)


tells us you & I.


"We love Him because HE first loved us" (1 John 4:19).

I don't know why but tears are filling my whole being right now

because the love for my first love

is coming back.

I have been missing GOD~

because I have allowed a good thing

that I believed would bring me closer

when instead

it was pulling me away.

I just started my Master's degree in Christian Studies

because I am a BIBLE nerd

because I love being in the WORD and studying the WORD

because I am in love with the WRITER.

But since I have started classes I have been pulled away from


as the WORD was just becoming words.

I missed GOD.

A good thing is getting in the of a GREATER thing

and I believe I have to


What is getting in the way of your having an intimate love relationship with GOD?

Is it a something or something or maybe just yourself?

Well time will tell as I have a big assignment due at midnight

and my heart is telling me to


so that

GOD can have first place in my heart again.

I am not telling you all to quit something you started because it is getting hard.

I was doing this because I love being in the WORD,

but I have been doing it without footnotes, and endnotes and bibliographies.

Thank you GOD for releasing me from something that has come between

YOU & I.

I have to



HE is WHO I need more of.

What do you need to LET GO?


More of HIM. Less of me.

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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