• Joni

Amazing Grace

I have been set free the moment

HE saw me, HE heard me, HE accepted me~

the moment

HE saved me from myself

when HE came to me,

lifting me out of the pit of shame & from the pit of not good enough.

I still can feel my being lifted out of the quicksand that was sucking me down,

further away from who I was born to be,

into deeper into who I thought I should be~

a better version of Joni,

a more lovable version of Joni,

because I believed that I was just not good enough.

But then GOD told me~

‘I love you, so ‘Come to ME’ as you are, so I can transform you into who you were

born to be~perfectly loved by ME. Walk with ME and I will show you how to live as

one beloved by ME, as I ‘rejoice over you with singing and dancing’ (Zephaniah 3:17).

For I have created you. You are MY workmanship.

Now will you receive all who you were