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God Connection

I am a wee bit disoriented this morning

as my husband & I just returned

from being away for a week~

Just him & I.

It didn't matter who else was around,

because we got to be together.

I met 2 little girls

who stole my heart

& I was sad when they left,

even though I only saw them for only a couple of days.

But we had a connection

that I like to call a


as our hearts were connected.

My husband called them my little friends.

I still smile as I think of them

as they are now in my heart.

I met a woman who

took our espresso orders every morning,

who was also a


as our hearts connected

as she greeted me not only with a

good morning

but with a conversation

as we got to know each other.

I was hoping to see her on our last day

to say good-bye.

It just so happened that she had the day off

& I got to say goodbye

as our paths crossed

while I was running on the beach.

We hugged and said

maybe we will see each other again,

but for now



The waiter at the restaurant

& I had an instant connection

from the moment I read his name tag~


Now if you know me

you know that is my grandmother name.

Well we had an immediate


as I showed him my "name tag"

bearing the same name

that I have wrapped around my wrist.

I was hoping to say bye to him.

As my husband & I we were waiting to leave the property

he came scooting by on his scooter,

& called out


& stopped to take a photo.

On the plane coming home

a women sat down next to me

& our eyes met.

It was the same woman who sat next to me

on the plane coming a week ago~


These little moments


cares about

in the midst of

our big moment

that began

a week ago

when I got to go away with

the man whom I said

"I DO "


36 years ago



our hearts together

from the date we met.

Today is a new day.

My man will go back to work

& I will miss him terribly.

But oh


has more connections today

that I am so unaware of


that you are so unaware of.

So embrace your moments

as precious gifts

& look at every person who


puts in your path



always has something up



to bless you.

Happy Monday~

"May the LORD bless you & protect you. May the LORD smile on you & be gracious to you. May the LORD show you HIS favor & give you HIS peace"

Numbers 6:24-26

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