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It Is Well

(a poem)

I took my eyes off of HIM,

And I fell into the sea~

Of hopeless & helplessness,

Because I only saw me.

HE kept calling my name,

Yet I turned my head~

I stayed in myself,

Not believing HIS WORDS that HE said.

When feelings get intense,

And it is all me that I feel~

JESUS feels so distant

As I question "Are YOU really real?"

YOU gently remind me that YOU have felt the same,

Especially when all were blaspheming YOUR NAME.

YOU kept your head held high,

Looking upon HIM~

The ONE Who sent YOU,

To wear everyone's sin.

YOU weren't at fault,

Yet YOU pressed forward to finish the task~

To be brutally punished,

Just because HE asked~

No matter how much pain,

YOU were willing to endure~

YOU did it anyway,

Because YOU love me more.

So in these moments,

When I allow my feelings to get out of control~

I cling to YOUR promise~

that it is well with my soul.

So when you have those days,

when you have lost all hope~

Just look up~ .

because HE is at the end of your rope.

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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