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What's Eating You?

Food glorious food!

We love it & we hate it.

To say no to the cookie & yes to the apple.

But didn't a yes to an apple get us all in trouble~

way back in the very beginning

when Eve said yes?

Oh the Temptation is real


I want what I want when I want it

& no one is going to stop me.

Oh the Temptation is real

To eat~

Anger, Anxiety, Bitterness, Jealousy & Fear~

& these are just the appetizers!

What about

Rejection, Guilt & Doubt...

& so much more?

So if we are what we eat

what are you eating that is weighing you down?

But what if you could lose those stubborn pounds & keep them off?

Well tomorrow is the day when we will begin our


that will take us to Easter,

To fast~

To abstain. To deny.

To say no when you want to say yes.

Going without something that you desire.

No more anger.

No more anxiety.

No more fear...

Oh it is possible, yet we don't do it alone.

Because JESUS was tempted for 40 days

& did not give into it,

HE will take whatever you give HIM

& you will lose so much more than you could ever imagine

because you will gain so much more







So let's spend the next 40 days

losing a pound a day

as we fast from the real pounds of life

that weigh us down.

What is in your hand that you are getting ready to eat?

Get ready to drop it so you can take the hand of the



will make you


What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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