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Created on Purpose

I am speechless this morning,

even though my heart is bursting

with beyond great news..

Sorry about this cliffhanger writing this morning,

but I can say~

Mom and baby doing great!!!

Soon all to soon

you will all know the news,


my daughter and son-in-law

are able to tell others

about the arrival of

their baby boy or girl

last night.

This "Jojo"

became a grandmother to another sweet child.

My eyes are burning,

as I didn't get any sleep,

because of my excitement and joy that I can not contain.

I am in awe, once again,

at the miracle of birth,

especially coming from my first born

who to me is still that little girt

who I gave birth to

12,573 days ago,

and who

Once upon a time gave birth to her first born

672 days ago.

Once upon a time I was born

21,088 days ago! Yikes!

Once upon a time you too were born,

how many days ago?

We all have a Once Upon A Time

that was written days ago,

filled with a great joy and excitement

as that what birth is.

Let's just look up


thank the



Once Upon a Time Ago

knitted you and I and our Grand~baby #2

in our mother's womb~

just because

He wanted to!

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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