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The Simple Truth

The Words rolled off my tongue~

"Jesus Loves Me This I Know"


she became all so still

as I stroked her hair and continued~

"For the Bible tells me so

Little ones to Him belong

They are weak but He is strong"


she continued to just lay so quietly peaceful,

as my cracking voice continued to hold back the tears~

"Yes Jesus Loves Me Oh, yes Jesus Loves Me Yes Jesus Loves M e

For the Bible tells me so"


her eyes opened

looking right into mine

as she said,

"That was really nice. I like it. Thank you"


I asked if she wanted to hear it again


she said


so I sang this simple little song

over and over again.

Oh the power of the

three little words

Jesus Loves Me

to settle a soul

to fill a heart

where no one or no thing can.

That moment will be forever tattooed on my heart


on Joan's Heart


on my Husbands Heart


we all got to experience a miraculous moment

just because

"Yes Jesus loves me Oh, yes Jesus loves me Yes Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so"

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