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Day 13: Sleepless Reality

Do you ever have

one of those nights

when you just can't sleep?

You so want to,

but for some reason

you wake up

every hour

on the hour

and all you can think about

is that you wish you could just sleep

because you are

thinking about everything else?


I did last night

and these words came to my mind

that are not mine,

but of the Sidewalk Prophets

from their song

The Words I Would Say~

Three in the morning, And I'm still awake, So I picked up a pen and a page, And I started writing, Just what I'd say,

If we were face to face, I'd tell you just what you mean to me, I'd tell you these simple truths~

Be Strong in the Lord and, Never give up Hope, You're going to do great things, I already know, God's got His hand on you so, Don't live life in fear, Forgive and Forget, But don't forget why you're here, Take your time and Pray, These are the words I would say,*


Words that I would say

Words that I need to hear

Words that you need to hear

in order for

you & I to

Live on Purpose

in our

Redeemed Restored Reality


God got His hand on you

so why not give

Him your hand


Trust Him

Love Him

Thank Him

no matter what you don't have right now

no matter what you do have right now

No matter what

because these are

*The Words I Would Say~

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