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Day 26: I Said That?

Dale Carnegie's first principle





Oh how a conversation can go sour in a moment when two or more gathered...

Criticizing others to make ourselves feel better

Complaining about others to blame others for our discontent

Condemning others to take condemnation from ourselves


The breaking down of others to build us up~

Unwholesome talk!


God said,

"Do not let any

Unwholesome Talk

come out of your mouths,

but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs,

that it may benefit those who listen." Ephesians 4:29

Unwholesome Talk~

Destructive, Damaging Talk

About others~

to others

About "your" self ~

to yourself.



Does that mean unwholesome talk about me?

Think about it

The weight of unwholesome talk:

I am not ________________

I can't ________________

I will never ________________

Talk that does not build me up, but breaks me down~

Unwholesome Talk!

How do you talk about yourself?

How do you talk to yourself?

What words are swirling in your head?

But if God does not speak unwholesome words

to break us down,

why do we?

What if you replaced your talk with His talk~

I have been chosen by God and adopted as His child. Ephesians 1

I am forgiven by the grace of Christ. Ephesians 1

I am free from condemnation. Romans 8:1-2



lose another pound that weighs us down and


from any

Unwholesome Talk~

about yourself & others

by walking with the

Wholesome One

Who changes all your

"I am nots"

"I can'ts"

"I will nevers"


I am

I can

I will


His WORDS Say so~

Weightless Log

1st Pound: Self

2nd Pound: Complaining and Blame

3rd Pound: Chaos

4th Pound: _____________

5th Pound : Judgement

6th Pound: Distractions

7th Pound: Jealousy

8th Pound: DIS

9th Pound: Procrastination

10th Pound: Fear

11th Pound: Temporary

12th Pound: Frustration

13th Pound: Anxiety

14th Pound: I Don't Wanna

15th Pound: Forsaken

16th Pound: Control

17th Pound: Meaningless

18th Pound: Unimaginable

19th Pound: Despair

20th Pound: Knowing

21st Pound: Trees

22nd Pound: Thinking Less of Self

23rd Pound: Our Clothes

24th Pound: What Was

25th Pound: _______________

26th Pound: Unwholesome Talk

What are your thoughts & prayers?

Join the conversation below.

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