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Day 19: Weightless Hope

This Too Shall Pass~

In our neighborhood

where there was a house yesterday,

now lies a piece of land with rubble~

A piece of land

with the remnants of what was once a home.

A home~

where memories were made.

A home~

that at one time was so precious to the owners.

I can just picture the faces of the first owners

as they put the key in the door & walked through the threshold to what was theirs.

Now today.

it is just a bunch of broken down pieces of wood

& soon it will become a new home for a new family.

And the cycle continues.

I overheard a couple

commenting on how they don't remember the house that was there.

They probably have walked by it 1000 times, and don't remember it,

just as I have walked by it and I don't remember it either.

Here today

gone tomorrow.

This Too Shall Pass~

An Injury,

A Loss

A Conflict

A Trial

This Too Shall Pass~

A cloudy day

This Too Shall Pass~

Not only the hardships,

but also the good

This Too Shall Pass~

1rst, 2nd, 3rd grade...12th

This Too Shall Pass~

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior...

This Too Shall Pass~

10, 20 30...80 years...

This Too Shall Pass~


This Too Shall Pass~

But the good news is that

when one comes to the Lord,

one becomes "ageless"~

Living Happily Ever After


This perfect ending to the perfect fairy tale

is for all of us

when we choose

Jesus to be the author of our story.

Keeping our eyes focused on this amazing ending

when we are faced with the trials of life,

is how we are able to walk through this life with peace in the moment.

God tells us to

"...number our days aright"( Psalm 90:12)

To live in the moment

to enjoy our blessings before us

to get our eyes off of the trials

off of what we are waiting for

and fixed on~

"...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." Philippians 4:8

It is very hard to re-focus when our body aches,

or watching a loved one suffer

.and that is why we need to turn to the Lord~

For Him to give us that

dose of strength.


dose of hope


dose of whatever we need.




from the weight of



looking up

to the

Only One


takes our despair

here & now


He became our eternal Hope.

Weightless Log

1st Pound: Self

2nd Pound: Complaining and Blame

3rd Pound: Chaos

4th Pound: _____________

5th Pound : Judgement

6th Pound: Distractions

7th Pound: Jealousy

8th Pound: DIS

9th Pound: Procrastination

10th Pound: Fear

11th Pound: Temporary

12th Pound: Frustration

13th Pound: Anxiety

14th Pound: I Don't Wanna

15th Pound: Forsaken

16th Pound: Control

17th Pound: Meaningless

18th Pound: Unimaginable

19th Pound: Despair

What are your thoughts & prayers?

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