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Revelation #11: You Are Invited

All Are Invited

the short and the tall

the blonde and the brunette

the bad and the good

You and I

Come to the Table


We are all hungry

We are all thirsty

We are all in need

All Are Invited~

To the thief, to the doubter To the hero and the coward To the prisoner and the soldier To the young, to the older All who hunger, all who thirst All the last, all the first All the paupers and the princes All who fail you've been forgiven All who dream, all who suffer All who loved and lost another All the chained, all the free All who follow, all who lead Anyone who's been let down All the lost you have been found All who've been labeled right or wrong (Sidewalk Prophets)


Come to the Table


Bring all your stuff...


you know what?

Everyone has stuff

and that is what

the Host of the party


all of you.

There are no exceptions.

Doesn't matter if you don't feel like you are good enough

Doesn't matter what you have done or haven't done

Doesn't matter,

because this is the place where you belong.

This is the place where

You Are Invited!

Now this is a



changes you & !

and all the people all around you,

as we are all the same

all in the need of the


Who wants us to sit at

His table


He can sit with us.

Just Come~

Come, come to the table Oh eh, come join the sinners you have been redeemed Take your place beside the Savior Just sit down and be set free Oh come on Just sit down and be set free Come to the table~

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